Frequently asked questions

What does emphasis on art mean?

Picture: Miila Heinonen drawing a comic

"Emphasis on art means additional courses in addition to the five national standard courses and wide art studies in drawing, graphics, sculpture, photography moviemaking…"
- Markku Siekkinen, art teacher

What options does Lyseo offer for a physically active student?

"In addition to the two compulsory courses there are also the Wanhojen tanssit -dance course, a course based on a student's own sport, a self fitness course, ball game course, a stress endurance and relaxation course and the gymnasium sports diploma course."

-Timo Loukkola, boy's coach

Can you survive in Lyseo with a GPA of eight?

"Yes you can! Of course you have to work a little harder than in comprehensive school, but that is the case in any gymnasium. Good teachers guide you forward and you can get support for your studies, if you need it."

- Heli-Maarit Miihkinen, Lyseo graduate of the class of 1996, worked in Lyseo as a biology and geography lecturer and IB-programme coöordinator

Is Lyseo a school for nerds and propellerheads?

"Not really. There's all kinds of people in here, sort of like representation from every school. Someone is good at one thing, another at something else. Everyone studies according to their own motivation, and maybe maybe your motivation even gets better, when you see how others study. BEST GYMNASIUM!"

- Lyseo students Marjo Sahlman, Jenniina Sutinen and Rajeeka Ponrasa