Applying to the IB programme in Oulun Lyseon lukio

Page updated on the 31th of December 2018

Applicants who have the Finnish national qualifications in basic education can apply in the joint applications programme (opintopolku). 

Depending on the yearly situation we can possibly accept a few applicants without the Finnish national qualifications in basic education. In this case we require that the applicant has the necessary capacity to study in the programme and also has a well grounded reason to continue his/her studies in Oulun Lyseon lukio.

Applicants who can't apply in the joint applications programme need to submit a motivational letter together with the documentation concerning previous education to the IB coordinator. For academic year 2019-2020 we take applications until 14.3.2019. All applicants are also required to take an entrance exam in April (17.4.2019).  

Contact information for Ms. Heli-Maarit Miihkinen, IB coordinator:

Kajaaninkatu 3
90100 OULU


Tel: +358 447039455

Email: heli-maarit.miihkinen(a)

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