IB at Lyseo

Updated 8.11.2022

In the pre-DP year students study national course units, mostly taught in English. In the IB programme (years IB1 and IB2) the subject material is not divided into course units as in the national programme, nor are there any course examinations at the end of study periods. Instead the IB students will sit Autumn and Spring Term Examinations where usually all of the subject material studied so far is examined.

Another feature of IB is that students are required to do a lot of independent work with strict deadlines especially in the IB2 year when several pieces of students' work have to be sent to the IB for assessment or moderation. IB Diploma students must therefore pay considerable attention to organising their working time effectively and maintaining the necessary self-discipline.

Subjects offered at Lyseo

The Diploma Programme is a two-year study programme that consists of six groups of subjects offered at two levels, Higher and Standard. The amount of teaching is equivalent to 18 course units (Finnish system) in HL subjects and 11 course units in SL subjects. 

Group 1 Language A
Finnish A
English A
student's first language as a self-taught subject (SL only)
Group 2 Language B or ab initio
English B
French ab initio (SL only)
Group 3 Individuals and Societies
Group 4 Experimental Sciences
Group 5 Mathematics
Mathematics Applications and interpretation
Mathematics Analysis and approaches
Group 6 Arts Film (SL only)


To be eligible for the award of the Diploma candidates must

  1. offer one subject from each of the groups 1-5 and one additional subject from any of groups 1-4 or 6 (for exceptions please consult the IB coordinator)
  2. offer three or four subjects at Higher level and the others at Standard level
  3. submit a research essay (Extended Essay) in one of the subjects of the IB curriculum
  4. follow a course in Theory of Knowledge and submit required pieces of work and
  5. engage in CAS activities representing Creativity, Action and Service.

Diploma Programme in brief

IB programme develops students who have excellent breadth and depth of knowledge. Oulun Lyseo lukio is committed to promoting all aspect of the learner profile, we want our students to be inquirers, knowledgeable, thinkers, communicator, principled, open-minded, caring, risk-takers, balance and reflective. We promote these values through teaching and learning.

Assessment in the DP is based on the assessment principles and practices developed by the IBO.