IT usage rules

1. I will use only my own user account. I acknowledge that the account given to me is personal and meant for my use only. 
2. School computers and network are administered by the administration group which contains members from the student body and school staff. I will follow the rules and instructions of the administration group (from now on referred to as admins) in any and all matters concerning school computers and network. 
3. I will uphold a peaceful working environment and follow the rules and guidelines set by good habits, admins and the law of Finland. I will not intentionally cause harm to the system, network or other users. 
4. I will follow prioritization by benefit. School computers are primarily meant for school­related work. Any other kind of use is considered secondary. If my use is secondary, I will by request surrender my computer to a person who needs it for schoolwork. 
5. I agree to use my user account and any other services offered by the school only for noncommercial purposes.  
6. I am personally responsible for the content and taking backups of my files stored on the school's computers. The school is not held responsible for files lost due to technical or other causes. 
7. I will avoid putting unnecessary load on the system and network. If necessary, admins have a right to remove large files stored by users and restrict usage in any way if necessary. 
8. The admins can, with the principal's permission, explore files stored by a user if it is reasonable to suspect that said files may contain harmful or otherwise inappropriate material. 
The school retains all rights to change these rules. Changes will be announced on the school website. There is an up­to­date copy of these rules on the school website. 
Disobeying these rules will lead to loss of user account either temporarily or permanently as well as covering any damage caused.